Kevin Riddle
P. O. Box 40, Eagle Rock, VA 24085
Demonstrations & Programs

Let me tell you a story about my homeland... the Southern Appalachian Mountains. It is a land of contrast, and often conflicts. It is inhabited by folks who still cling to the values and traditions passed down to them by their ancestors from old Europe. Many of these self-reliant traditions were common well into the 20th century, and even today still practiced by a few. I offer informative and entertaining programs to share with you some of my Appalachian Mountain culture. A suggestion of topics includes:

Traditional woodworking with handtools
Wooden farm tools
Folk toys and amusements
Copper kettles and apple butter making
Sawmills, coal mining, and railroads
Revolutionary war in the mountains
Country blacksmithing
Old tool use and identification
Moonshine and its related activities
Gardening and canning
Rural living skills

Programs are normally designed to last 50 to 60 minutes, plus question and answer time afterward. I will work with you and/or your client to develop a program customized for your groupís needs and interest. Rates are very reasonable. Some subjects are not suitable for working demonstrations due to the amount of large tools and/or fire involved. On those subjects, my program will include appropriate handouts, visual aids, and actual samples. Contact me with your specific needs and dates for a prompt reply.

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Using a drawknife, shaving bench, and other traditional tools, I rough hewn green logs into benches, ox yokes, pitchforks, and related custom work.


Using old "tinsmith" techniques, I fashion copper into pans, washtubs, and apple butter kettles up to 60 gallon size. Custom work is available unless you ask for a moonshine still.

Demonstrations and Programs

I offer informative talks and demonstrations on Appalachian folk life and crafts for schools, conventions, and resort groups.

Programs can be tailored to your group's needs and interests.